Springfield, Missouri Immigration Visa Attorney

Welcome to the online presence of the Law Office of Mary Lou Martin, P.C. My legal services are useful for people from other countries who wish to obtain visas such as:

  • Student visas for individuals planning to attend college in the United States
  • Work visas for people who wish to work in this country for a temporary length of time, for a specific employer
  • Visitors' visas for temporary business or pleasure stays in the U.S.

Federal laws for obtaining visas to live and work in the U.S. are very complex and precise. I have years of experience helping international visitors obtain, keep and renew immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. I am confident that I can guide you appropriately, considering your unique circumstances, as you pursue the visa you are most qualified for:

  • Family-based visa
  • Employment-based visa
  • Immigrant visa for Iraqi or Afghan translators/interpreters
  • Visa for religious workers
  • B-1 visa for athletes and business visitors
  • B-2 visa for vacation and pleasure
  • J visa for au pairs
  • H1-B visa for specialty occupations requiring highly specialized knowledge
  • E visa for treaty traders and treaty investors

This is not a complete list of all available visas. Please consult with an immigration law attorney who can analyze your unique circumstances and determine whether you qualify for one or more available immigrant or nonimmigrant visa types.

At the Law Office of Mary Lou Martin, P.C., you will find a lawyer who truly cares and is willing to listen. I am Mary Lou Martin, a dedicated and well-established Springfield, Missouri, immigration visa lawyer. If you need an adjustment of status, have overstayed your visa or wish to know how whether you qualify for permanent residency or citizenship, contact my immigration law offices in Springfield.

I work with U.S. employers and family members already in the U.S., as well as with individuals who are still abroad and wish to obtain immigrant or nonimmigrant visas as expeditiously as possible. Call or email me and learn how I can help.

Greene County Student Visa Lawyer

Is your student visa about to expire or are you concerned about what you need to do before transferring to a different college or university in the U.S.? An international student advisor can probably provide you with valuable help. However, to ensure compliance with federal laws and to keep all your options open, consult with an immigration law attorney to discuss any concerns you have regarding your student visa.