Your Longevity And Your Legal Needs

Studies show that more Americans are living longer lives. More of us have the opportunity to see our grandchildren grow up, to enjoy our retirement and otherwise carry on into the future.

However, along with those wonderful developments come some difficult realities. As we live longer, it can be harder to make our retirement accounts last. Even more seriously, many of us reach a point where our health fails us and we require help taking care of our everyday needs.

When you need this kind of help, you also need a legal framework that makes it possible. Elder law is a field of law that is designed to make sure people get the help they need while also respecting their rights as individuals.

At the Law Office of Mary Lou Martin, P.C., located in Springfield, Missouri, I help elderly adults, disabled people and their friends and family members with a wide range of legal matters, including:

  • Guardianship and conservatorship
  • Health care directives
  • Power of attorney
  • Veterans' benefits
  • MO HealthNet
  • Medicare and Medicaid planning

Guardianship And Conservatorship

Some of the most difficult subjects to talk about in elder law are guardianship and conservatorship. No one likes contemplating a time when they will lose independence, and no one enjoys seeing this happen to a loved one. However, it's important for all adults to understand what these terms mean and how to plan for them.

Under Missouri law, when, due to illness or injury, a person can no longer make decisions about his or her daily life and care, a court may decide the person is incapacitated and needs a guardian and/or a conservator.

A guardian is a person who can make decisions on behalf of another person regarding that person's affairs. A conservator is similar to a guardian, but conservatorship refers to control of the incapacitated person's finances.

At the Law Office of Mary Lou Martin, P.C., I help people prepare for the possibility that they will need guardianship or conservatorship in the future. I also help families establish guardianship and conservatorship when it becomes necessary.

These are just some of the matters I work with in my legal practice as I try to help families prepare for the future and improve their lives.

If you need help with guardianship, conservatorship, health care directives, benefits or other elder law issues, call the Law Office of Mary Lou Martin, P.C., today at 417-413-5066. You can also reach me by email.