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Planning For The Long Term

The Law Office of Mary Lou Martin, P.C., helps people in estate planning, elder law and immigration matters. At first, these areas of the law may seem to be very different from each other, but in fact they share something very important in common: They all focus on the future.

When I work with immigration matters, I help individuals and families to put their legal troubles behind them so that they can begin their new lives in the United States. When I help clients with elder law matters, I help them deal with and prepare for the changes that life brings. In estate planning matters, I help my clients to build a legacy that will last for years or even decades to come.

Helping Families In Different Legal Areas

Planning your estate makes you consider what kind of legacy you want to leave for your children, your grandchildren and your favorite charities. You may find it comforting to know that, through your careful planning, you have ensured that you will continue to be a positive influence on future generations.

Elder law is a term that describes a number of legal areas, including benefits, guardianship and conservatorship. When you resolve issues in elder law, you are making sure that you and your family are prepared for the times when your loved ones will need extra help.

Immigration law is focused on the future, as well. I have been working as an immigration lawyer since 1990 and I have helped many clients begin building a new life in the United States. Many of these clients have referred their friends and relatives to me, and so I have helped generations of families. I have seen how resolving immigration issues frees people to build a better future.

An Attorney Who Cares

The Law Office of Mary Lou Martin, P.C., is located in a former home in Springfield, Missouri. I want people to feel welcome in my office, and welcome in my country.

Whether you need help with wills, trusts, guardianship and conservatorship, work visas, family-related visas, permanent residency, naturalization and citizenship or other matters, I want to hear your story and help you resolve your issues.

For help with immigration, estate planning or elder law issues, contact the Law Office of Mary Lou Martin, P.C., in Springfield, Missouri. Call 417-413-5066 or send the firm an email.


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